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Dallas Digital Marketing Agency

More Leads

Using the top Detroit marketing company will drive your ideal audience right to you. Leads lead to growth, which lead to revenue.

Dallas Digital Marketing Agency

More Customers

We know what it takes to expand your business in Detroit and get more customers buying your awesome products and services.

Dallas Digital Marketing Agency

Business Growth

Our digital marketing experts handle everything from Social Advertising to SEO for websites. It's time to show Detroit and the world what you’re made of!

Don’t be the Blockbuster of the business world

Too many businesses fail to keep up with the times and become obsolete.

Don’t fall behind with outdated digital marketing that wastes time and money. You don’t deserve to lose business and shrink because of old tactics, shady marketing tricks, and lazy service that fails to connect you with customers.

No copy and paste bullsh*t marketing like everyone else

We’re internet marketing scientists. Constantly testing new, experimental approaches to find out what works and what doesn’t. Then, we bring what works to you to get RESULTS. What’s the point of hiding your business in the shadows? Detroit is bold and you should be too.

Detroit is about grit. Detroit is about determination. It’s about having more fun than everybody else. Your website should reflect where you come from..

Digital Marketing Agency

Detroit's Top SEO Company

Your business deserves an SEO company that knows what they’re doing (aka us).

You don’t want your website traffic to be like the Riverwalk on a Tuesday – completely empty. We attract Googlers to you by imprinting keywords throughout your website with blogs, landing pages, even back-end areas like meta-tags. You deserve to be seen.

It’s more than “Best Tacos in Detroit” or “Best Detroit Small Business!”

Your Full Service Web Design and Web Management Company in Detroit

Generate Leads, Convert Sales. That’s what your website should do. If it’s not, you might want to consider a new website. We’ve made sites for dozens of Detroit businesses that not only convert, but look good while doing it. We also handle web hosting and upkeep so you can focus on doing your job.

Social Media Marketing Matters.

Stop Ignoring It!

“It doesn’t fit our demographic.”

It’s not just Instagram and Facebook. LinkedIn is HUGE for businesses.

“I have a niche market, not sure this will help.”

It will, & that’s good! We
hyper-target demographics with ads!

“I’ve never made my own content.”

It’s OK! Our team helps with streamlined processes to make content and more revenue!

It’s not just a selfie in front of The Spirit of Detroit.

Our team can take over your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and more to help make content and get you more revenue. We’re the top social media marketing agency in Michigan. Quit playin’ around and have some fun.

Out of the Box, Results-Driven Social Media Advertising

Sure, fighting the algorithm can feel like tackling #20. But clicking “boost this post” just doesn’t work.

We’ve heard horror stories from people wasting thousands of dollars and getting nothing in return. Target the Detroiters who are most likely to use your service.

KARMA jack's Approach To Digital Marketing

Email and SMS marketing have some of the highest return on investment out of any digital marketing strategy (way more effective than a billboard on 75). We use our expertise to time out emails so you get more leads and make more sales.
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Our Pay Per Click advertising experts know what works and what doesn’t with Google. It takes the right Detroit marketing company to navigate it properly and get you a return on your investment. No reason to blow money like you’re at Prime + Proper.

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What are you worrying about?

We’re honestly very nice.

"One of the best investments"


Karma jack continues to impress me with their availability to meet with me and the promptness of answering my requests/questions. If you are serious about growing your business and getting the right clients you need to hand over your digital marketing to Karma jack.

Anthony M.

"Always going the extra mile for us."


KJ is an agency that does their best to make their customers feel like family and pushes through the work quickly and in a very cost-effective manner, without sacrificing quality. Web development, SEO, copywriting, social advertising, creative development, and a strong understanding of all that Google has to offer is the reason we continue to lean on our friends at Karma Jack.

Christian S.

"They are rockstars!"


An incredible bunch of talented professional work here! Look no further for your marketing needs. I’ve worked with other companies before an no one compares to Karma. They take the time to know your product and continuously adjust to make sure whatever your company does, they fully understand how to achieve the best results.

Peter M.

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Launch Your Strategy

Once we shake hands (don’t worry, we’re better hand shakers than Jim Schwartz (does anyone get this reference?)), we build a comprehensive strategy, you approve, then we start the real work.


What Is Modern Marketing?

Whether or not we become your new team, we want to educate you on the future of the industry.

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We’re not here to sell. We’re here to help! We can’t wait to politely pummel you with value.

You bet, social media is one of many tactics within a solid digital marketing strategy. Regardless of your location, with it’s the Motor City, Vehicle City, or Sin City, social media marketing makes an impact.

Social media marketing, management and advertising can feel overwhelming, like a day at Eastern Market. But we know how to use social media to boost your profile in Detroit.

Internet marketing is an incredibly vast topic. Yet with nearly everyone online, your Detroit-based company needs internet marketing.

But where do you begin? The answer is you should allow KARMA jack to help clear the confusion and give you a SIMPLE plan. Of course based on your company goals.

It’s the difference between a hot dog, and a Coney Dog. Stick out, make an impact, and watch your business grow.

Mos def. The best way for your company to get ahead of your competitors is to hire a Detroit marketing company. Yes, we mean don’t try doing it on your own. It’s tough.

Next, managing your own internet marketing will cost more and be less effective than allowing experts to manage it for you. And good social media marketing companies will have the expertise to quickly initiate campaigns designed to meet your goals.

At KARMA jack, we’ll do a competitive analysis and help you determine the best opportunities to expand your brand not only in Detroit, but Michigan, and if it makes sense, the whole dang country. 

Are your PPC advertising costs skyrocketing? It’s possible the team managing your online advertising is not doing a good job.

KARMA jack, an award-winning online marketing agency, has case study after case study of success. Taking over where other Detroit digital marketing agencies didn’t manage PPC ads correctly.

Fortunately for our clients, we are able to exponentially grow leads while slashing costs. These companies saved thousands while massively growing their business.

First we learn about your business. Just like the business owners themselves, we’re well aware that every company in Detroit has different needs. Whether it’s Mom’s Spaghetti (hi Eminem) or Shinola, the copy and paste approach doesn’t cut it when it comes to effective advertising. We’ve seen time and time again that inauthenticity leads to brick wall results. So we pull from our conversations, competitive data, and create something special. Our goal: data-driven business growth!

After we talk to you about your business, our whole team puts our heads together to create a completely customized marketing strategy. When we’re handling everything from SEO to Facebook advertising to email marketing, we make sure each service is being operated by an expert in the field. We pull from previous data, industry trends, even what’s going on in Detroit to craft something that works. It’s time to get you more customers and a solid stream of leads!

Ok, maybe that’s year two? But for real, this part is always exciting. We see the marriage of analytics and creative come together into Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, SEO blogs and websites, Social Media, and even creative projects like professional photography and videos. All of this done with purpose, not just a cosmetic reason. We want to set a solid foundation, and add a dope mural on top of that. Because as your business grows, you start to see more exclusive leads, more customer and grow your business.

Nope! Launching is just the beginning. We’ve been getting our clients a great ROI because we relentlessly check data and adjust to make sure we’re always growing. Now let’s grow together. We’ll see you at Honest John’s. Don’t mind us, just thinking about some tots.

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