Core Pro Services Case Study

Core Pro Services Case Study

Core Pro Services

Case Study

Core Pro Services is a contracting company that has been in business in Michigan for over fifty years. They specialize in many services, including painting, drywall, decks, windows, and much more. In fact, their many great services have allowed them to stay in business for many decades. However, they were still having trouble growing their business in today’s world. At KARMA jack, we continuously add case studies to the mix as our clients experience growth hacking at its best. We identified the problems that were halting their growth, came up with a goal, and achieved the results Core Pro Services needed. Let us take a look at the Core Pro Services Case Study,

The Problems

Core Pro was encountering a number of problems. First off, their revenue was declining year over year. Secondly, their new lead rates were dropping as well. Furthermore, they were not being found on Google. This made it difficult to find new leads. Finally, their company branding was unclear.


KARMA jack used a wide variety of services and skills to hit these goals. First and foremost, we conducted in-depth branding sessions and came up with a 90-day business plan. They changed from “JP &C” to “Core Pro Services”. Then, we built a new website for their new branding. Next, we optimized social media content and advertising. This new approach for advertising also included Google ads, SEO optimization, and more. Finally, we used monthly consulting to keep the momentum building.

The Goals

Essentially, our goal was to improve online leads and sales. We wanted to undo the problems that had been affecting Core Pro and give them the success and growth they deserve.

The Results

We are happy to say the goals were hit with incredible success! In less than one year, Core Pro Services tripled their revenue. Additionally, their leads grew by 400%. Consequently, their customers were very pleased and kept returning. Finally, their digital presence grew, they are easily found on Google, and they saved money on marketing costs. We love seeing our clients happy, and we love to see these results!

A Growth-Based Digital Marketing Agency

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