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Case Study for Coffee Roasters: Detroit Bold

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Case Study for Coffee Roasters: Detroit Bold Coffee Co

This case study for coffee roasters is hailing from the same hometown as KARMA jack, Detroit Bold are the local coffee heroes. The company’s branding is blue-collar, working-class, and reflects the rustbelt city itself. It’s also worth mentioning that they were one of our first clients for digital marketing. This week we explore the case study on Detroit Bold Coffee Co.

Coffee Roasters Need Marketing


As you might suspect in a case study for coffee roasters, Detroit Bold was equipped with an amazing product, but low online sales. In addition to their own site, they had low Amazon sales. How can we help get an amazing e-commerce company the recognition it deserves? How do we get it in front of more people? 


Our solution was focusing heavily on advertising. We decided it would be best to focus on social media advertising like Facebook and Instagram. We could find a great demographic that loves coffee and Detroit-alike. Detroit Bold was made to be an easy sell, it just needed a boost. That’s why we focused on a 360 approach by improving their email marketing campaigns and SEO on their site.


The goal was to simply improve online sales. Utilizing advertising on social media, email marketing and properly utilizing SEO should be the ticket. And what happened next?


It was a hit. There was not only a 30% cost reduction but 500% online revenue growth! People were buying. And believe it or not, they started following! That’s right, 1,200% social media engagement improvement quickly followed. Detroit Bold is another example of a successful digital marketing case study.

Coffee SEO Keywords (Tip 1)

The first thing we did was keyword research. Research for SEO can be exhaustive because you want to find your ideal customer. 

We started the SEO search using our favorite keyword search tools. A great place to start is Google’s Keyword Planner

We then structured the site content around these keywords without stuffing. Coffee is one of the most competitive products in the market so it’s critical to get it right but have tampered expectations. We chose to target regional keywords like “Detroit coffee company” vs America coffee company. 

Gaining traction in a niche is a better way to start if you are in a competitive food or product group within e-commerce. You can see here the organic traffic spiked about 6 months after the original optimization and then leveled off with slow progressive growth. The estimated revenue that comes in from SEO is about $2300 per month. 

coffee roaster case study marketing plan with SEO

Advertising for Coffee (Tip 2)

E-commerce can be tricky. You need to get new customers making purchases while encouraging past customers to buy again. 

Playing the “organic” route will take years to grow unless you strike it lucky with a viral video. Most people don’t know that social media feeds only allow 1-2% of business page followers to even see a post. This means 2 of every 100 people who follow your page will even see your post.


Because Facebook wants advertising dollars. 

Here’s what’s cool about advertising, you can market to people in your niche!

Here are some examples of our targeting:


Email Marketing for Coffee Roasters (Tip 3)

The secret to eCommerce success is to grow your customer base and then remarket to them with email marketing

We like to use Klaviyo, MailChimp, and SendInblue. 

Think of every customer you acquired. . . How much time and energy did you put into getting that customer? 

If you don’t ask for their business again, they will buy from somewhere else. It’s that simple.

We know coffee drinkers buy again from companies when it’s easy. Email marketing makes it easy for your customers to buy from you regularly. 

Marketing to Grow A Coffee Roaster's Company

Growing a coffee company online is not easy. Because coffee is in one of the most competitive industries and can be purchased in any store, it makes online sales difficult. But not impossible. 

You must have patience. 

You must have a great product. 

You should follow sound e-commerce principles:

1. Gain a local following that proudly drinks your coffee.

2. Have a website that is optimized for the best coffee keywords.

3. Advertise with Google PPC and Facebook/Instagram

4. Remarketing to past customers with replenishment emails. 

5. Monitor, refine and repeat the process. 

Schedule a completely free Facebook ads analysis with an expert from KARMA jack today!​

PS: Be Proud of What You Do

Here is a post on KARMA jack’s founder, Joel Sellentine’s LinkedIn about working with Detroit Bold Coffee Company. 

This is the kind of passion you want on your team when marketing for your coffee company. 

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