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Write a Blog About It: Blog Post Ideas

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Write a Blog About It: The Blog Post Ideas


Boss: “Hey, can you write a blog?”

Me: “Sure, what‘s the topic?”

Boss: “I dunno, but I’m sure you’ll come up with an idea.”

Me: ”………………………….uhhhh yeahhhh.”

*12 Hours and Zero Ideas Later*

Me: Show’s what he knows.

Blogs are great marketing tools. They boost SEO, establish you as a credible leader in your industry and provide real value to your customers. But what the hell do I put in this thing? Do I use these to inspire? To sell? To use as an outlet so I can continue avoiding therapy? The possibilities are endless. A little too endless if you ask me! So we’ve put together a little listicle of blog post ideas to help you decide what to write.

  • Are You the CEO? How’d You Get Started?

    Write a blog about it! How’d you get to where you are now? How can other people get to your station? What are some pitfalls for them to avoid?

  • Make a Video! Then Tell People About It.

    Video content boosts engagement like crazy. So, if you have a how-to or anything you’ve always wanted to say, this is the opportunity! Think of useful and helpful videos that might improve your readers’ lives in some way.

  • What Marketing Tips Didn’t Work for You?

    Just as important as what worked is what did not work. Write a blog about your mistakes so that others can avoid it.

  • FAQ Blog

    Write down your most frequently asked questions and help the people out before they need it. Have something the people should really know? Write a FAQ about it!

  • Write About Something Unrelated and Tie it to your Field

    This is a fun exercise. Take another interest of yours, sports, writing, drawing, baking. Say what you like and dislike about it, then see the ways that it relates to what you do. You might be surprised at the similarities!

  • Brag a Little

    Calmly and clearly state all the reasons you are the best in your industry. It’s not bragging if it’s true! If you feel like it, you can take some shots at your competitors too.

  • Write Up Your Customers

    Do you have some regulars who love your product? Write a blog about it! Interview them. See why they love it. Ask them what keeps them coming back. You might even learn something new about business. This is like having someone else brag for you.

  • How Do You Use Social Media?

    Talk about how you have used social media to grow your business. Sharing your strategy can give value to your audience and drive traffic to your pages as well.

Blog Post Ideas
  • Make a Guide

    If you’re this far in the list and haven’t figured out any blog post ideas, maybe you should make a guide to a certain topic. This shows you’re an expert in your field and can also be a fun exercise/reminder that you are great at what you do.

  • Why Do You Like This Job?

    You obviously love what you do. Gush about it! Show your readers the excitement that you feel going into work.

  • Profile Your Team

    Interview folks for your team. Why do they like the job? How’d they get into the business? This will humanize them and give people a sneak peek behind the curtain. While you’re at it, maybe ask them if they have any blog post ideas.

  • Why Do You Hire Who You Hire?

    Make a blog about what you look for in prospective employees. What are the qualities you find useful and which qualities are less so? This could be a cool way to expand your team and provide value to people looking for jobs elsewhere.

  • Write a Manifesto

    I mean, don’t be weird about it, but think about your message. What do you want people to know? Who do you want to know it? Why is your message important? This can be quick, easy and impactful.

  • Set Up A Contest

    This is one of the only blog post ideas that will cost you money, but try a big giveaway! Then you can talk about the results on your blog. A nice announcement never hurt anyone.

  • Use Forum Questions as Ideas

    Go to Reddit or whatever other forum website you like. It’s a treasure-trove of blog post ideas. Search for your industry. Then see what questions people have about it. These can be great idea generators and give you good insight to what people what to read about.

  • Tell Some Stories

    I’m sure you’ve seen it all. Are there any incredible or unbelievable tales from your time in the industry that might be helpful? If so, write them down!

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  • What Distracts You From Achieving Your Goals?

    Write a blog about it! We all have minor (or major) obstacles. How do you avoid them?

  • List of Industry Hacks

    No, this isn’t a list of people who we think are overrated (though if you’re interested, we can certainly talk). No, what are the tips and tricks that you use to succeed? Are there any tricks of the trade that beginners need to know? Or time-saving measures? If so, write a blog about it!

  • Describe Your Business in Five Words

    The blog will be longer, but challenge yourself to be brief in your explanation. Then, feel free to say why you chose those words and what that means to you and your industry.

  • What’s Going On in the News?

    Write a blog about it! Did something happen recently that will change your business or the lives of your customers? How can people benefit off of ____? Did you hear ____ and ____ were caught together? Gossip counts as news.

  • Meme Roundup

    Just for fun, find all the memes and gifs that relate to your field. We searched giphy for “blog post ideas” and the results were less than optimal. I’m sure you’ll have more luck.

  • Turn a Popular Topic Into a Series

    Did a particular blog post idea perform well? Write more blogs about it! Obviously, it struck a chord. Now it’s your job to go deeper and give your audience more of what they want.

  • Favorite Book

    Do you have a book that guides your company? Or did you read something recently that changed the way you think about it? WRITE A BLOG ABOUT IT! This can help give your readers a deeper insight into your process.

Blog Post Ideas

If all else fails, write a blog about blog post ideas. And if you run out of ideas after that, contact KARMA jack Digital Marketing for even more blog post ideas. See you in the blogosphere!

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