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Marketing Strategy for B2B

the marketing you've always done stopped working.
It's scary, but Times have changed.
Our Marketing Strategy for B2B will catch you up.

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Online B2B Marketing

Online business to business marketing for manufacturing, automotive and healthcare is the new normal.

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B2B Marketing Funnel

The best business to business marketing funnel uses traditional and online methods to find and nurture more buyers.

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B2B Marketing Trends

Millennials make up 73% of purchasing decisions in the B2B world. Trends have already changed with this generation.

Don’t be the Blockbuster of the business world

Too many businesses fail to keep up with the times and become obsolete.

Don’t fall behind with outdated business to business marketing that wastes time and money. You don’t deserve to lose business and shrink because of old tactics and a “we’ve always done it this way” mentality. 

Today is the day to blend those tactics that used to work with online B2B marketing plans that feed more new customers into your funnel and nurture those relationships with hyper-targeting, sound website and SEO structure, and email marketing.

Baby Boomer Marketing Tactics Stopped Working in 2017

10 years ago, Baby Boomers made up the majority of the workforce and made nearly all purchasing decisions. 

Sales representatives were relied upon to be the subject matter expert, develop & nurture relationships, network, and make cold calls. Emotional intelligence within the sales process was critical and buyers relied on the sales team to learn. 

In 2015, Millennials took over the workforce as the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. 

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marketing strategy for b2b - us labor statistics by generation 2022
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Millennials are involved in 73% of B2B purchasing decisions.

Have you seen your businesses sales productivity plummet in the past 2-4 years? You’re not alone. 

Millennials took over the workforce in 2015. Many have been working for 18+ years. This generation has different values, methods of communications, and they research heavily before beginning the buying process. 

This is why our marketing strategy for B2B encompasses all generations, while proactively focusing on the millennials making buying decisions. When you understand how this generation communicates, you can understand how to market to them. 

The B2B Marketing Funnel: A Generational Approach

It takes hard work, not magic, to sell products from one business to another. Today’s buyers are extremely tech savvy. They research heavily before beginning a sales process. They require authenticity in relationships. They compare brands looking for modern web designs. They inspect reviews carefully and take them seriously. 

And they spend infinitely more time online than Gen X and Boomers.


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The Business To Business Marketing Process


You need to understand your buyers and how they make decisions.

Odds are your purchasers are Millennials or Generation X’rs.

Where do they spend their time online?

What are their interests?

What job titles do they have?

How old are they?




Customized B2B marketing strategy.

After understanding your ideal persona, you can create a marketing strategy based on where they spend their time and how they like to communicate.

We’ll break down the full in our free download. But we generally recommend building a strategy that includes:

Modern web design, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Advertising with hyper-targeting on Facebook and LinkedIn. Email marketing. YouTube mixed with Traditional marketing. And finally blending print with online marketing tactics. 


Flip the switch and start the show!

This part is always exciting. The marriage of analytics and creative come together into Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, SEO blogs and websites, Social Media, and even creative projects like professional photography and videos.

All of this done with purpose, not just a cosmetic reason. Set a solid foundation for you to get exclusive leads, more customers and grow your business. 



Think that was it? Nope! Marketing for B2B is an ongoing process to get great results!

The fun doesn’t end there. B2B marketers get their clients a great ROI when they relentlessly check data and adjust to make sure you’re always growing. Just like the generational landscape, advertising trends are constantly changing. Your job is staying ahead of them so you see the benefits!

KARMA jack at Meta Boost Small Business Studios 2022

It was an honor to be the only Detroit Digital Marketing Agency asked to speak to hundreds of small businesses by the biggest name in social media. Yep, Meta is the parent company of Facebook AND Instagram!


The Importance of Captivating Creative.

Social media is an ever-changing experiment. If you are able to create a good foundation for your business, you can adapt and keep up with the landscape. Halley Karas, Jono Diener, and Olivia Maldonado discussed the ins and outs of how social media marketing and how Meta can be a game changer for businesses of any size.

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Marketing for Michigan Small Businesses

Business owners, no matter the size, can often feel like they have to be able to do it all, including marketing. The thing is, marketing alone is a full-time job. That’s why companies like us exist. We had the opportunity to teach local business leaders how to consolidate their marketing strategies and create meaningful content.

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KJ is THE Detroit Marketing Agency

Detroit is home to KARMA jack, and it is so rewarding to be able to share our passion and knowledge with local business owners and uplift our B2B community. We connected with entrepreneurs that share the same pride and background and were able to give them unique insight into the Detroit marketing landscape. 

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Karma jack continues to impress me with their availability to meet with me and the promptness of answering my requests/questions. If you are serious about growing your business and getting the right clients you need to hand over your digital marketing to Karma jack.

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KJ is an agency that does their best to make their customers feel like family and pushes through the work quickly and in a very cost-effective manner, without sacrificing quality. Web development, SEO, copywriting, social advertising, creative development, and a strong understanding of all that Google has to offer is the reason we continue to lean on our friends at Karma Jack.

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An incredible bunch of talented professional work here! Look no further for your marketing needs. I’ve worked with other companies before an no one compares to Karma. They take the time to know your product and continuously adjust to make sure whatever your company does, they fully understand how to achieve the best results.

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Our creative team has access to professionals around the country to handle your niche B2B marketing content needs.

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Our B2B marketing experts will work with you to grow your business with our experience.

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We utilize Google's vast platform to make your business more searchable and profitable.

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Intelligence (AI)

Connecting with your target audience using AI technology to reduce costs.

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It always stings to see truly great companies with awful B2B marketing. “We always do it this way” is the kiss of death.

With our B2B Digital Marketing Agency you can:

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● Adapt and evolve with purpose
● Expect absolutely ZERO B.S.
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Our 2023 B2B Marketing Strategy

Whether or not we become your new team, we want to educate you on the future of the industry.

2023 B2B Marketing Strategy

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We’re not here to sell. We’re here to help! We can’t wait to politely pummel you with value.

Yes, social media is one of many tactics within a solid digital B2B marketing strategy.

Social media marketing, management and advertising can feel overwhelming and sometimes daunting. Then where do you begin?

Internet B2B marketing is an incredibly vast topic. Yet with nearly everyone online, your company needs internet marketing.

But where do you begin? The answer is you should allow KARMA jack to help clear the confusion and give you a SIMPLE plan. Of course based on your company goals.

The best way for your company to beat your competitors is to hire a company specializing in digital B2B marketing. Yes, we mean don’t try doing it on your own.

Next, managing your own internet marketing will cost more and be less effective than allowing experts manage it for you. And good social media marketing companies will have the expertise to quickly initiate campaigns designed to meet your goals.

Finally, that’s why you can allow KARMA jack to do a competitive analysis and help you determine the best opportunities to expand your brand.

Are your PPC advertising costs skyrocketing? It’s possible the team managing your online B2B advertising is not doing a good job.

KARMA jack, an award-winning online marketing agency, has case study after case study of success. Taking over where other internet marketing agencies that didn’t manage PPC ads correctly.

Fortunately for our clients, we are able to exponentially grow leads while slashing costs. These companies saved thousands while massively growing their business.

Social media advertising does not need to cost a fortune. You don’t need to go hire a kid out of college in hopes they might do a good job with social media.

You can get experts in B2B social media advertising focusing on business growth for a fraction of the cost of just one employee.

What’s most important is your return on investment (ROI). Get highly profitable business growth without having to worry about breaking the bank.

First we learn about your business. Just like the business owners themselves, we’re well aware that every company has different needs. The copy and paste approach doesn’t cut it when it comes to effective B2B advertising. We’ve seen time and time again that inauthenticity leads to brick wall results. So we pull from our conversations, competitive data, and create something special. Our goal: data-driven business growth!

After we talk to you about your business, our whole team puts our heads together to create a completely customized B2B marketing strategy. When we’re handling everything from SEO to Facebook advertising to email marketing, we make sure each service is being operated by an expert in the field. We pull from previous data, industry trends, and your story to craft something that works. It’s time to get you more customers and a solid stream of leads!

This part is always exciting. We see the marriage of analytics and creative come together into Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, SEO blogs and websites, Social Media, and even creative projects like professional photography and videos. All of this done with purpose, not just a cosmetic reason. We want to set a solid foundation for you to get exclusive leads, more customer and grow your business.

Nope! Launching is just the beginning. The fun doesn’t end there. We’ve been getting our clients a great ROI because we relentlessly check data and adjust to make sure we’re always growing. Just like the social media landscape, advertising trends are constantly changing. Our job is staying ahead of them so you see the benefits! Now let’s grow together.

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