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Jono Diener

Creative Director for KARMA jack

Jono's Story

Jono is the Creative Director for the KARMA jack Digital Marketing Agency. He oversees the creative direction of the clients, and the company itself. This includes working with copywriters, designers, photographers, videographers, and web developers to name a few. He uses his experience in leadership and his creative prowess to refine the messaging for others. Jono will get a client’s page of ideas, and condense it into a tagline which ends up enticing customers in a succinct and effective way.

Before embarking on the world of digital marketing, Jono began as a drummer and songwriter in a world-touring band. He wore many hats during his music career, including writing lyrics, creating album artwork and concepts, and most of all: promotion. His band, as he states, “was my own mini marketing agency.” Pursuing an interest in writing, Jono began blogging and running social media, documenting the daily life of his band around the world. This sparked an interest among music sites and magazines ranging from local publications to the world-renown, VICE, asking Jono to write for them. All of this led to a career in professional writing.

In addition to his work at KARMA jack, he is a published comic book writer, in several active music projects, co-owns a coffee company, and is always looking for more projects to add to his creative repertoire. 

Jono lives by a particular mantra that keeps him motivated to continue on with his life of creativity: “I don’t have to, I get to.”

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